New Trichomycterus from the Ribeira de Iguape

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New Trichomycterus from the Ribeira de Iguape

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Laura M. Donin, Juliano Ferrer, & Tiago P. Carvalho. (2020). Taxonomical study of Trichomycterus (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Ribeira de Iguape River basin reveals a new species recorded in the early 20th century. Journal of Fish Biology. First published:10 February 2020. ... /jfb.14278

Trichomycterus lauryi sp. nov.
A new species of Trichomycterus endemic endemic to the Ribeira de Iguape River basin, southeastern Brazil, is proposed based on morphological and molecular evidence. The new species is diagnosed by having the outer layer of coloration composed of scattered, round, black or dark brown spots smaller or equivalent in size to the eye circumference, eight pectoral‐fin rays, 28–29 opercular odontodes, 54–56 interopercular odontodes; and supraorbital line of the laterosensory system not interrupted, with pores s2 absent. Other two species of Trichomycterus are recorded for the Ribeira de Iguape River basin and their taxonomic status discussed: T. alternatus and T. jacupiranga were not differentiated by our molecular analysis, but may be consistently distinguished with basis on morphology. The phylogenetic relationships of the co‐occuring species, Trichomycterus alternatus and Cambeva zonata, is inferred using mitochondrial data, reinforcing the taxonomic status of these recently revised species that have a confuse taxonomy. Additionally, we recommend a new combination for Trichomycterus taroba with its inclusion in the genus Cambeva.
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