Catfish Species ID? Sychri or Atropersonatus?

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Catfish Species ID? Sychri or Atropersonatus?

Post by RC23 »

Found these guys at my LFS only two were left, trying to order more but can't figure out species.
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Re: Catfish Species ID? Sychri or Atropersonatus?

Post by bekateen »

Hi RC23,

Welcome to PlanetCatfish!

These corys are Corydoras(Ln9) atropersonatus. You can distinguish C. atropersonatus from Corydoras(ln8sc4) sychri by the shape of the snout - C. atropersonatus has a blunt snout (lineage 9 corys), whereas C. sychri has a straight snout (lineage 8, subgroup 4 corys).

Cheers, Eric
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