Cat-e-log captions

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Cat-e-log captions

Post by Psy »

Clicking on the caption, rather than the actual picture does not lead to the picture.

One labeled juvenile leads to a search for the term (which I think is not that useful itself), but some lead to blank searches. An example is the habitat photo for the Panaque nigrolineatus.
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Re: Cat-e-log captions

Post by racoll »

I would say this is more a feature-change request than a bug, but I am a +1 for changing this behaviour. I often intuitively clicked the text and expected to end up at the photo, but got redirected to a search instead.

I can see why people might want to search for all habitat photos etc, so perhaps this could be restricted to the caption link once you are already viewing the image?
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Re: Cat-e-log captions

Post by Jools »

I've changed this now. The captions are no longer a link and so the confusion over taking them to a search for other images like that has gone.

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