Four new Cambeva

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Four new Cambeva

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Costa, WJEM, CRM Feltrin, JLO Mattos, RH Dalcin, V Abilhoa & AM Katz, 2023. Morpho-molecular discordance? Re-approaching systematics of Cambeva (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Guaratuba-Babitonga-Itapocu area, southern Brazil. Fishes 8:63.


A recent field inventory focusing on catfishes of the trichomycterine genus Cambeva detected the occurrence of two morphotypes, C. barbosae and C. cubataonis, in the Guaratuba-Babitonga-Itapocu area (GBIA) of southern Brazil, reporting some discordance with results of coalescent-based approaches for species delimitation that indicated different estimates of species number. Contrastingly, based on examination of characters taken from the external morphology and osteology, we here recognised six species of Cambeva in GBIA: C. cf. botuvera, a polymorphic and geographically widespread species; C. cubataonis, endemic to the Rio Cubatão do Norte; and four new species, two endemic to the Rio Itapocu basin, one endemic to the Baía de Babitonga system and one endemic to the Baía de Guaratuba system. We performed a molecular phylogenetic analysis indicating that Cambeva comprises three major clades, the alpha-, beta- and gama-clades, with C. cf. botuvera and a clade comprising C. cubataonis and three new species belonging to the beta-clade and another new species belonging to the gamma-clade. We concluded that species here recognised are not in fact incongruent with results of that recent study when taxa are correctly identified by a representative sample of morphological characters, highlighting the importance of osteological characters for delimiting trichomycterine species.
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Re: Four new Cambeva

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