What's up with the Blue eyed Pleco?

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Sid Guppy
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What's up with the Blue eyed Pleco?

Post by Sid Guppy »

I tried to search on info on this one; but onlythe thumbnails and a description that it's neither P suttoni or P suttonorum, are all I get.
I could have sworn it was a catfish of some month....

I've heard rumours that this fish -the one we know in captivity- is extinct in the wild. Is this the case?
The reason I ask, is that someone who's into Victorian cichlid-research has a shortage on tanks and has asked me to adopt one (I haven't seen it yet, it's all guesses). The fish in question has been bought in Belgium in 1984....

Needless to say, I'll accept, of course!

Any info on this cat is VERY WELCOME! I take it's a woodeater, like the Royal Pleco?
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Post by Caol_ila »


Sometimes the answer is before you eyes and you miss it...

maybe try contacting shane about it...
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Post by Shane »

More bad news for old blue eyes... Last weekend a gasoline tanker went off the bridge at Giradot and dumped its entire contents into the Rio Sumapaz. This certainly will not help the situation. Local papers said that the river was now littered with dead fishes. I am sure that there are blue eyes in unaffected tributaries, but this disaster did not help. BTW, talked to an old collecter who said he used to bait fish traps with yuca (manioc) to catch blue eyes. Never tried it as a fish food myself, but I am sure they would eat it.
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Post by Plec0maniac »

what a mistery that panaque suttoni really disappeared in the hobby! Im a solid pleco collector and im really lookin for one!!! :wink: But the problem is I cant get any... we import fishes here in the philippines, so I tried to order from our suppliers in peru and brazil but they can seem to find any for me :cry: My uncle used to have a pair about six years ago, but sadly it died... Anybody willing to ship any for me??! :)
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Thomas W
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Post by Thomas W »

One of my friends got 2 of them. He want to breead them, i hope he dont fail.

Greetings Thomas W
Thomas Wiborg
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Post by Parrotfish100 »

Is this a suttoni??? I'm asking so many people about it trying to get a positive ID! Or is it a Cochliodon? :evil:

http://www.geocities.com/parrotfish100 (Sorry if the link doesn't work :( )
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Post by Coryman »


There is no need to repeat your posts, this is the third time you have posted the same one under three topics. It is unnecassary and takes up vavuable space.