Repeat spawning of Dekeyseria picta L052

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Re: Repeat spawning of Dekeyseria picta L052

Post by Baardman »

They are like rabbits now lol

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Re: Repeat spawning of Dekeyseria picta L052

Post by bekateen »

And another new spawn overnight last night! This time, for the first time I've seen in this cave, on the roof of the cave. They were getting kinky last night! :-$ :- :YMAPPLAUSE: =)) #CoronavirusSexyTime!
And an update on spawn #6 from either March 07 or 08: That dad lost or abandoned his eggs a few days later. I found the egg mass loose in the tank and moved it to a basket. Eggs started hatching 2 or 3 days ago, and now only 3 eggs remain, all looking good and still developing (nearly done). This batch had a great hatch rate, in spite of their rough time getting lost by dad and snagged on a rock in the strong current.

Compared to all other plecos I've spawned, hatching in this species is really protracted, starting around day 8 or 9 (and most of those fry tend to die, I assume premature hatching) and dragging out to about 14 days. Most eggs hatch around day 10-12 in my tank.

Cheers, Eric
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