Weird bug when creating or editing bodies of water

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Weird bug when creating or editing bodies of water

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jools,

Here's another bug I encountered today... although this one is not new; I recall getting it a couple of months ago also:

When I create or edit a body of water, the fields for Type, Political Area and Scale are not behaving properly.
  • For new bodies of water, when I use the pull-down menu for Type and Scale, no matter what I pick, the text displayed automatically resets to "Unset," even though I just picked a value for each. If I ignore this behavior and complete the process to save the new body of water, the result will accurately display the values for Type and Scale.
  • When I'm in the edit screen for bodies of water that already exist, the fields for Type, Political Area and Scale all display "Unset" even though before I clicked on the edit button, these fields all had set values. To demonstrate this problem, I've attached screen shots of the Abacaxis BEFORE I attempt to edit it (it shows values for all three fields; and the display when I click "Edit" the Abacaxis (now it shows "Unset" for these fields). To be clear, I didn't edit the Abacaxis at all and I wasn't trying to edit it. I did this to demonstrate the problem.
    water body edit.jpg
It's a weird behavior; I have no clue how to approach the solutions to these. Maybe the fields are operating properly in terms of retaining info, but the pull down menu displays just aren't updating to show the chosen value after I've selected one but before I've pressed submit. If there's any clue to be found, perhaps it's in the fact that for new bodies of water, the pull down menu for Political Area operates properly and displays the chosen field selection, even though Type and Scale return to "Unset" for displayed values prior to saving the info.

Good luck!
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Re: Weird bug when creating or editing bodies of water

Post by Jools »

Yeah, this is bad design on my part - the dropdowns reset the values of what you've typed in. Just the way it works but I need to change it as it's pretty rubbish to use. :-)

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