L27 vs L190 as juvenile and adult

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Hieu Le Lam
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L27 vs L190 as juvenile and adult

Post by Hieu Le Lam »

I was wondering if there was any visible differences between l190 and l27. I currently have an opportunity to purchase an l190 that is about 7-8 cm in size but the seller also showed me a video of an l27 that is 13-14 cm in size and told me that if I wait about a couple of months, he will have those.

Now as us fish nerds know, waiting a couple of months is an arduous task. So I am asking those with experience keeping these fish, do the l27 grow up to have nicer color and form in general compare to the l190 or is the differences really not all that much?

There is also the price differences with the l27 costing twice as much and although the one that the seller showed me was also much nicer, it is also twice the size of the l190 he currently has in stock. Thanks for any information you can provide to help my decision :) .
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Re: L27 vs L190 as juvenile and adult

Post by bekateen »


I'm not entirely clear on what you're asking. Are you asking if the two species can be told apart as juveniles? Are you asking if they'll grow to look the same as each other when they're adults?

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Re: L27 vs L190 as juvenile and adult

Post by Acanthicus »


I'd say P. armbrusteri has more contrast and depending on the catch location also a bit more colour. The difference is not huge though and I wouldn't call any of the two "better looking". How about getting two P. nigrolineatus for the price of one P. armbrusteri? Definetely more fun to watch than one of whichever species you choose.
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