Catfish identification

Did you know fantastic help is an anagram of Planet Catfish? This forum is for those of you with pictures of your catfish who are looking for help identifying them. There are many here to help and a firm ID is the first step towards keeping your catfish in the best conditions.
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Catfish identification

Post by ramiroflores »

I picked up this catfish at my local aquarium store and I cant for the life of me remember it's name, sorry it's focused on the corys and snail my lens is broken and wouldn't focus on the catfish but that's it in the middle. I searched all over the internet but couldnt find it, curious what it is! Beautiful animal

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Re: Catfish identification

Post by bekateen »

Hi ramiroflores. Welcome to Planetcatfish.

Your fish is , the flag tail porthole catfish.

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