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Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded October 21, 2007. is dedicated to Alan Niven and Brian Downie. Two very different people but hobbyists that I was fortunate enough to learn with and from in my earliest fishkeeping years. Alan was a schoolboy friend of huge intellect and great enthusiasm; his love of fish was pure inspiration for me. Brian was a source of profound practical fishkeeping knowledge. Both looked at fish in the same way I do, always wanting to know more, appreciate the current view and wonder about what was next. As a very connected person in a very connected world, I am sad to have lost all contact with both of them.

A big thank you is due to all the aquarists for letting me use or donating some of their excellent catfish photographs, you are all credited on the same pages as your images.

All those who have put their hands in their pockets and donated cash to help with site running costs. You are all recognized here in the Hall of Fame.

Mats Petersson has spent many hours fixing bugs and working with me on developing the site. He did all this in the knowledge he wouldn't get paid and much of what he did was unseen. Until he dropped off using the forum in 2012, Mats also added a lot of data to the cat-elog especially around the area of bodies of freshwater and fish distribution.

Johnny Jensen for his many, many photograph contributions, friendship and, well, Danish enthusiasms! A wonderful example of what friendship the internet can foster.

My wonderful wife, Clare Dignall, for casting a knowing eye over every bit of text in the site, general encouragement and steadfast support all round. Simply, this site wouldn't be what it is without her.

Shane Linder for being Shane's World, connecting North and South America and well, just liking catfish as much as I do! A great writer that we have not seen the best of yet!

The Lalkakas of New York. Dinyar, for huge encouragement, business advice and sound knowledge of Asian and especially African cats. Rustam has provided much technical knowledge and support to this site from around 2002 to 2006.

Heok Hee Ng, continually redefining the word prolific, Heok Hee (or Silurus to forum regulars) has been guide, host and advisor in the realm of the catfish. His knowledge of fish generally and asian catfish particularly is strongly reflected in his considerable input to these pages.

Ingo Seidel and Hans-Georg Evers. The German catfish scene is very strong and these guys ride the crest of that particular wave. They have taken the time, from time to time, to help surf it with me.

Allan James, at "" a fellow on-line Scottish catfish enthusiast for much encouragement, quality banter and some great photos. Shame about the football team he supports.

Mr Corydoras, Ian Fuller, who initially supplied detailed information on spawning the fairy catfish - Corydoras atropersonatus and has since contributed material for the site. Sadly Ian requested all his images be removed some time back. Ian remains another whose drive is second to none. Ian runs

All the members of the moderator team over at the forum, they put a lot of time in every day to ensure the pages stay clean, focussed and relevant.

This list is in NO particular order and certainly has to have missed out many. You have all been hugely generous in this biggest of adventures.

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