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Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded October 21, 2007.

Ian Fuller, Allan James, Julian DignallThe Three Amigos

Caught in the act of "fishing", from left to right, Ian Fuller (self confessed Corydoras nut & owner of, yours truly, (Julian Dignall - webmaster of this site) and Allan James (who runs the excellent site) with the photo being taken by Neil Woodward at the best fish shop in the world, Pier Aquatics, Wigan, UK.

Jools - Majorcan RiverOut and About

A rare picture of me outside a fish room or away from my PC but never too far from a river!

Jools - Grand Canyon

Again, the great outdoors, this time surveying the wonderous expanses of the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Clare Dignall

My wonderful wife Clare, adding much needed skill and beauty to this page. Clare casts a knowing eye over Planet Catfishes textual content, as well as constant support in the creation process. That's the Peruvian Amazon in the background.

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