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Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded October 28, 2007.

"Web watch"
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

October 1999

One of the oldest British sites and one of the best, is to be found at Planet Catfish is now in its second incarnation, having started under the name of .catfish, and still has all the information that won .catfish so many fans with a lot more information as well.

Every month a new catfish features comprehensively in "catfish of the month", and all the previous catfish of the month are still available, which is now beginning to build up to a sizeable volume of information. The Shane's World section features not only articles by sidekick Shane Linder, but a variety of other catfish experts and authors from around the world, and includes topics dealing with both common and more unusual species.
The image library is now a comprehensive resource, featuring 16 families and over 250 species, with regular updates; the library is particuarly impressive for Corydoras and Loricariids. Other sections include anatomy, classification and links. This site will have something of interest for anyone with even a passing interest in catfish.

"Surfing the fish 'net"
Tropical Fish Hobbyist

November 1997

Julian "Jools" of Edinburgh, Scotland, also a TFH subscriber, has a comprehensive site in English (with a British flavour), called " .catfish " which focuses on catfish and includes some wonderful photos, but which also features some other fish in photos.

A technical masterpiece this private page is testimony to Jools' dedication both to his catfish and to his computer programming. His URL is
I spoke with him by email and he explained that his is strictly a private web site dedicated to providing a presence on the internet for catfish specialists."

"Caught in the Net"
Aquarist & Pondkeeper

June 1997

Catfish in all shapes and sizes are popular and interesting fish, and there are lots of people on the net who share that opinion. First stop is a home-grown page, run by a catfish enthusiast in Edinburgh.

This is the " .catfish " site at
There's plenty here to interest all catfish fans, including an extremely comprehensive (and growing) list of shops in England and Scotland, 'catfish of the month' spot with information and a picture, information on the newer Loricariids, books reviews and more. Excellent photographs appear throughout.

This site is regularly updated so its worth 'bookmarking' so you can visit again later."

Note : The Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Aquarist & Pondkeeper reviews were published before the November '98 expansion from .catfish to Planet Catfish.

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