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Article © Tana Clarke, uploaded April 05, 2009.

Twas the night before catfish and all through the house
Not a fishie was stirring not even a mouse

The heaters were hung in the tanks with great care
In hopes that the fish guy would soon be there,

The keepers were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of Madtoms danced in their heads, The alarm sounded early, we jumped up and out,
Today was the day to end the fish drought,

When out in the drive, there came such a clatter,
I sprang from my coffee to see the Mad Catter,

I flew to the door and opened it wide,
And greeted the sight with tears in my eyes,

Before my red eyes, there did appear
A blue mini-van with aquarium gear,

With baggies of fish, all lively and fat,
I knew in a moment, there was my cats,

One by one in their baggies, out they all came,
He checked them for health and called them by name,

A Whippy, a Twiggy, an Oto and more, A Jag, a Squeaker, and Banjos galore!

He came up the porch and in through the door,
His hands full of fish, his box held some more,

He dressed like a fisher, from his head to his feet, His clothes were all smelly from wading too deep,

He spoke not a word but went to his work,
He QT'd the fish and turned with a smirk,

And laying his hands deep inside the white box,
He pulled out a fish that gave me a shock,

It was perfect in form and made me quite numb,
It was Brachyplatystoma tigrinum

I heard him exclaim as he laughed at my tank,
Happy Catfish to all and to all larger tanks!

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