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Article © Shane Linder, uploaded January 01, 2002.

Bourne out of some not too sober ramblings when catfish folks get together, here is a sure fire guide on "how to spot a catfish geek".

  1. "If you are tired of people always asking you why your tanks are empty."
  2. "You run past a tank marked "Free Discus" to get a look at the newly imported tank of Chaca chaca."
  3. "When a bag of Angelfish fry come up for sale at a local auction, you think "Yes! Feeders."
  4. "You have begun going to the market with your spouse every week just to pick out the best vegetables for you plecos."
  5. "Your partner knows that they must always cook twice as many green beans as normal for dinner because half of them are for the fish." (This is my case!)
  6. "If you have ever taken a vegetable off your dinner plate and saved it for your fish."
  7. "If you have stopped turning on your aquarium lights because the light bothers your doradids."
  8. For Jools, when collecting in Venezuela, you pull up a seine with 500 rams and then throw the fish back in the water while exclaiming, "Damn, nothing again."
  9. "If your beard suddenly drops off halfway through autumn"
  10. "If the height of tank decoration is a PVC pipe"
  11. "If you have birthdays more frequently than you see your favourite fish"
  12. "If a pleco with two extra spots on its dorsal fin seems (to you) well worth twice the asking price of one without".

Hope you enjoyed these and if any one of them rings true; welcome to our world!

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