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1.Helicophagus leptorhynchus(i:2, k:0)
2.Helicophagus typus(i:1, k:0)
3.Pangasianodon gigas(i:19, k:3)
4.Pangasianodon hypophthalmus(i:16, k:69)
5.Pangasius bocourti(i:6, k:0)
6.Pangasius conchophilus(i:6, k:1)
7.Pangasius elongatus(i:2, k:0)
8.Pangasius krempfi(i:1, k:0)
9.Pangasius larnaudii(i:7, k:5)
10.Pangasius macronema(i:6, k:0)
11.Pangasius mahakamensis(i:0, k:0)
12.Pangasius mekongensis(i:2, k:0)
13.Pangasius nasutus(i:4, k:0)
14.Pangasius pangasius(i:4, k:7)
15.Pangasius sanitwongsei(i:16, k:19)
16.Pangasius silasi(i:2, k:0)
17.Pseudolais micronemus(i:1, k:0)
18.Pseudolais pleurotaenia(i:3, k:0)
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Family Common NameShark Catfishes
Common NamesIridescent Shark, Paroon Shark
SizeSmallest 182mm, largest 3000mm, average 1060mm, most commonly 1200mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 18 species in 4 genera in the database
Keepers6 species (33%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1.Pangasianodon , 2 species (72 keepers)
2.Pangasius , 12 species (32 keepers)
3.Helicophagus , 2 species (0 keepers)
4.Pseudolais , 2 species (0 keepers)
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1. Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (66.35%)
2. Pangasius sanitwongsei (18.27%)
3. Pangasius pangasius (6.73%)
4. Pangasius larnaudii (4.81%)
5. Pangasianodon gigas (2.88%)
6. Pangasius conchophilus (0.96%)