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Artistic impression of typical member of the Cetopsidae
Down Family Overview
Pronounced See TOP Sid Ae
Family Common Name Whale Catfishes
Features Reduced set of barbels which trail behind the fishes underslung mouth. An open water catfish with no adipose fin or armour.
Distribution South America
Common Names (Baby) Whale Catfish
Size Smallest 18mm, largest 265mm, average 95mm, most commonly 43mm. All SL.
Subfamilies There are 2 subfamilies in the database
Species There are 45 "species" in 5 genera in the database
Keepers 10 species (22%) are being kept by registered keepers
Down Subfamilies in Cetopsidae (by species)
2.Cetopsinae41 species(91%)
2.Helogeninae4 species(9%)
Down Top Five Genera (by keepers)
1.Cetopsis 24 species(22 keepers)
2.Helogenes 4 species(9 keepers)
3.Denticetopsis 7 species(6 keepers)
4.Cetopsidium 7 species(0 keepers)
5.Paracetopsis 3 species(0 keepers)
Down Distribution of Cetopsidae

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Down Most Kept Species
1. Helogenes marmoratus(24.32%)
2. Cetopsis coecutiens(24.32%)
3. Denticetopsis seducta(16.22%)
4. Cetopsis parma(8.11%)
5. Cetopsis candiru(8.11%)
6. Cetopsis orinoco(5.41%)
7. Cetopsis fimbriata(5.41%)
8. Cetopsis umbrosa(2.7%)
9. Cetopsis sandrae(2.7%)
10. Cetopsis montana(2.7%)
Down Alphabetic Species List
(Chronological | Most Kept | Most Bred)
1.Cetopsidium ferreirai(i:1, k:0, b:0)
2.Cetopsidium minutum(i:3, k:0, b:0)
3.Cetopsidium morenoi(i:1, k:0, b:0)
4.Cetopsidium orientale(i:1, k:0, b:0)
5.Cetopsidium pemon(i:3, k:0, b:0)
6.Cetopsidium roae(i:1, k:0, b:0)
7.Cetopsidium soniae(i:3, k:0, b:0)
8.Cetopsis amphiloxa(i:1, k:0, b:0)
9.Cetopsis arcana(i:1, k:0, b:0)
10.Cetopsis aspis(i:1, k:0, b:0)
11.Cetopsis baudoensis(i:4, k:0, b:0)
12.Cetopsis caiapo(i:1, k:0, b:0)
13.Cetopsis candiru(i:4, k:3, b:0)
14.Cetopsis coecutiens(i:20, k:9, b:0)
15.Cetopsis fimbriata(i:2, k:2, b:0)
16.Cetopsis gobioides(i:1, k:0, b:0)
17.Cetopsis jurubidae(i:1, k:0, b:0)
18.Cetopsis montana(i:1, k:1, b:0)
19.Cetopsis motatanensis(i:1, k:0, b:0)
20.Cetopsis oliveirai(i:2, k:0, b:0)
21.Cetopsis orinoco(i:11, k:2, b:0)
22.Cetopsis othonops(i:2, k:0, b:0)
23.Cetopsis parma(i:4, k:3, b:0)
24.Cetopsis pearsoni(i:1, k:0, b:0)
25.Cetopsis plumbea(i:2, k:0, b:0)
26.Cetopsis sandrae(i:8, k:1, b:0)
27.Cetopsis sarcodes(i:1, k:0, b:0)
28.Cetopsis sp. (1)(i:7, k:0, b:0)
29.Cetopsis starnesi(i:1, k:0, b:0)
30.Cetopsis umbrosa(i:2, k:1, b:0)
31.Cetopsis varii(i:0, k:0, b:0)
32.Denticetopsis epa(i:1, k:0, b:0)
33.Denticetopsis iwokrama(i:2, k:0, b:0)
34.Denticetopsis macilenta(i:2, k:0, b:0)
35.Denticetopsis praecox(i:4, k:0, b:0)
36.Denticetopsis royeroi(i:1, k:0, b:0)
37.Denticetopsis sauli(i:2, k:0, b:0)
38.Denticetopsis seducta(i:8, k:6, b:0)
39.Helogenes castaneus(i:1, k:0, b:0)
40.Helogenes gouldingi(i:2, k:0, b:0)
41.Helogenes marmoratus(i:13, k:9, b:0)
42.Helogenes uruyensis(i:1, k:0, b:0)
43.Paracetopsis atahualpa(i:2, k:0, b:0)
44.Paracetopsis bleekeri(i:2, k:0, b:0)
45.Paracetopsis esmeraldas(i:1, k:0, b:0)