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Scientific NameOtocinclus mariae  Fowler, 1940
Common NamesMaria's Oto
Dwarf Sucker, Dwarf Otocinclus, Oto
Type LocalityBoca Chapare, Río Chimore, tributary to Río Ichilo, about 15°58'S, 64°42'W, Río Mamoré system, Bolivia.
Pronunciationauto SINK luss - MAR ee ae
EtymologyGreek, ous, oto = ear + Latin, cinclus = latticework; in allusion to the holes of the head in the ears. 
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Size 36mm or 1.4" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationVery similar to O. vittatus.
SexingFemales are larger and broader especially when viewed from above.
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DistributionLower Amazon, Upper Madeira and Paraguay basins.
Amazon, Lower Amazon (click on these areas to find other species found there)
La Plata, Paraná, Paraguay (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Middle Amazon (Solimoes), Madeira, Upper Madeira (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH5.5 - 7.5
Temperature21.0-26.0°C or 69.8-78.8°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingInitially algae, add a shoal to an "algaefied" tank and then supplement diet with sinking tablets and the usual cucumbers / lettuce or courgette (zucchini).
FurnitureLarge leafed plants and vertical flat rock surfaces (especially slate). Not essential, but likes bogwood and a large rounded substrate. Live plants seem essential to the long term survival of this fish.
Suggested TankmatesKeep in groups (preferably at least six) with any small to mid-sized community fish.
BreedingSee Shane's World article.
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ReferencesProc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.v. 92 - pp83 - Figs. 41-43
Registered Keepers(1) GreenSynoMan (k: 7), (2) dracoz, (3) Mrs.JP, (4) soobie123, who also notes: "One of three fish I bought out of the Oto tank at Petsmart. Didn't even realize they weren't all the same species until I got home!", (5) reneb (k: 5), (6) alyosha, (7) rmkarros (k: 3), (8) thelivelylady, (9) Complexity, who also notes: "Purchased what I thought were 9 O. vittatus, but at least 1 has turned out to be O. mariae. It appears the store don't know the difference and are thinking they're both the same fish.", (10) misscoolkitty, (11) AU Chief, (12) Lique, (13) ASCauley, (14) nikelodeon79, (15) skaskankerbr, (16) Death Pony, (17) otoguppylover, (18) hotsauce48 (k: 2), (19) blaqksotu16 (k: 5), (20) L number Banana (k: 5), who also notes: "All my otos seem to breed but I never see it, there just appears to be more once in a while. I move the smallest ones to other tanks and wait for the next batch. Only thing that seems relevant is that they only breed in this tank with harder water. Update: Pretty sure these guys are the most prolific breeders. Most of the ones I give away are these ones.", (21), (22) ayrtoninst (k: 7), (23) Patzee (k: 3), (24) Greywitch, (25) flipperfeet (k: 6), (26) naturalart, (27) Gsneufeld (k: 4), (28) Gallett291, (29) Valb68 (k: 4), who also notes: "Incredibly hollow, hungry, and frantic, instantly went to eating algae. One tried schooling with the zebra danios. As of 7/21/13 all are fat and calm. Looks like 2 females and 2 males.", (30) lhafvens, (31) BlackCanopus, (32) Restazonia, (33) Johnny579, (34) Gerald CapeTown, (35) lindfieldroy, (36) antonyb93, (37) Pongsansoy (k: 3).

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Breeding ReportsNone.
Article - Shane's World Reproduction The Dwarf Sucker, Otocinclus vestitus
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