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Scientific Name Mochokiella paynei  Howes, 1980
Common Names Payne's Catfish
Payne's Afrikanischer Wels (Germany)
Type Locality Kassawe Forest Reserve, Sierra Leone.
Etymology Mochokiella: From the Latin diminutive suffix -ella; in reference to the small size of the fish (literally: "a small Mochokus"). 
Article - CotM 2008 November
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Size 55mm or 2.2" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification The genus Mochokiella is distinguished from all other African siluroids by a combination of characters including small adult size, unilateral branching of the mandibular barbels, supero-lateral position of the eye, bands of villiform jaw teeth, elongate humeral process, and paired 3rd nuchal plate.

Mochokiella paynei is a small catfish with body shape typical of most other Mochokinae. Its coloration is a patchwork of dark Vandyke Brown areas separated by networks of light cream to beige. M. paynei is most similar to members of the genus Microsynodontis, but can be distinguished from the latter by its forked caudal fin, longer head, larger eyes, longer mandibular barbels, longer dorsal and pectoral spines, and greater body depth.
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Distribution Africa: known from the type locality, Kassawe Forest Reserve, Sierra Leone. (It would appear that the correct name, according to Wikipedia is Kasewe Forest Reserve).
African Waters, Sierra Leone Waters, Kassawe Forest Reserve (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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IUCN Red List Category Least Concern, range map and more is available on the IUCN species page. Last assessed 2006.
Temperature 22.0-24.0°C or 71.6-75.2°F (Show species within this range)
Other Parameters The type locality is a forest stream in Kassewe Forest Reserve with a pH of 6.6.
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Breeding Unreported.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Zoology v. 38 (no. 3), pp 165, Figs. 1, 2b.
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