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Scientific NameHyalobagrus flavus  Ng & Kottelat, 1998
Common NameShadow Catfish
Type LocalityDanau Arang Arang in the vicinity of Muara Kompeh, 1°37'32''S, 103°47'19''E, Jambi Province, Sumatra
PronunciationHI ya low BAG russ - FLAH vuss
EtymologyFrom the greek hyalos, meaning transparent, and bagrus, the name of a catfish genus frequently used to form generic names. The specific epithet comes from the Latin flavus, meaning yellow, in reference to the color in life.
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Size 45mm or 1.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationThe small size, translucent body and black stripe running the entire length of the body is distinctive of members of this genus.
Hyalobagrus flavus is the only species imported for the aquarium trade and is distinguished from congeners in having only half the anterior edge of the pectoral spine serrated.
SexingMales are more slender and have an elongate genital papilla in front of the anal fin.
When gravid, the ripe ova of the females are greenish and can be seen through the translucent body wall.
General RemarksNormally found hiding under thick mats of floating grass in its natural habitat.
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DistributionBatang Hari drainage in Sumatra and Mentaya drainage in southern Borneo.
Pacific, Greater Sunda Island Rivers, Sumatra Waters, Batang Hari (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Pacific, Greater Sunda Island Rivers, Borneo Waters, Mentaya (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH5.0 - 6.2
Temperature22.0-27.0°C or 71.6-80.6°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersLittle or no current preferred.
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FeedingReadily feeds on live/frozen foods and smaller-sized prepared foods such as micropellets, but shows a preference for the former.
FurnitureThey do best with plenty of shade (in the form of vegetation), so a heavily planted tank is the ideal setup for these fish.
CompatibilityA peaceful, diurnal shoaling species that should be kept in groups of four or more individuals.
Because of their small size and delicate nature, it is best to keep them with less boisterous small or mid-sized fish such as harlequin rasboras (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) and kuhlii loaches (Pangio spp.).
BreedingNot reported although gravid females full of vivid green roe have been documented.
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ReferencesIchthyological Exploration of Freshwaters v. 9 (no. 4), pp 340, Fig. 6
Registered Keepers(1) Jools (k: 9), (2) daniel60 (k: 15), (3) morkaren, (4) Silurus, (5) Yann (k: 5), (6) Moomoo, (7) fischkringli (k: 3), (8) The.Dark.One, (9) naturalart (k: 4), (10) dragonphish (k: 5), who also notes: "once i put the group into my 125 gallon with the rest of my borneo fish, they seemed right at home and even are seen often schooling with my rhombo and clown barbs. ", (11) Norman (k: 12), (12) bamboosticks (k: 4), (13) coelacanth, (14) DazSH (k: 2), (15) ichtyophile (k: 10), (16) SHEAG, (17) Dave Rinaldo (k: 21), (18) Lars Jamne (k: 6), (19) parrot1974 (k: 2), who also notes: "Fairly ok about lights etc, but prefer to have shaded nooks that they can hang around in. They don't come to the front of the tank, but they are more visible than lots of plecs.", (20) VickyEll7, (21) DavidNMaddieHaveCats, (22) joclru (k: 8), who also notes: "These guys appear to have spines much like plecos for self-defense. They can get stuck in nets, which I witnessed as my LFS employee killed two of them trying to untangle them from the net (new employee, ugh...) [Update: Got 6 more in. Much more active now, constantly grazing. Very loosely shoaling if at all, though if they are disturbed they crowd together in hiding. They love live blackworms.]", (23) AcidicAngel (k: 3), (24) synolover, (25) Narelle (k: 13), who also notes: "First batch came in with ich, treated with heat and paraguard (wasted away in high pH store tank for about a week), 2nd batch appears much healthier (straight from supplier's shipping bag to home) - 2nd batch came with tons of loose white eggs in bag", (26) MChambers (k: 6), (27) OregonOutdoorsChris (p: 2, k: 7), (28) dmcat.

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Breeding Reports(1) AcidicAngel (b: 42).
Article - CotM 2004 November
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