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Scientific NameCorydoras julii  Steindachner, 1906
Common NamesJulli Cory
Almindelig Leopardpansermalle (Denmark), Leopard Cory, Panzerwels (Germany)
Type LocalityCreek into R. Parnaíba near Alto Parnaíba (= Victoria), 9°08'S, 45°56'W, Brazil.
PronunciationKory DOOR ass - JOOL ee eye
EtymologyCory = helmet, doras = skin. In this case it was incorrectly used to mean armour (cuirasse) instead of skin in allusion to the dual rows of plates that run along the flanks of this genus. This species was named to honour a man, but this man remains a mystery.
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Size 55mm or 2.2" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationCorydoras are identified by their twin rows of armour plates along the flanks and by having fewer than 10 dorsal fin rays. They are most commonly confused with the other genera in the sub-family, namely Brochis, Scleromystax and Aspidoras.

Often you will see fish for sale as Corydoras julii but they are actually Corydoras trilineatus. So, if you bought as fish as julii, it's almost certainly C. trilineatus from the upper Amazon. The real C. julii will turn up from time to time as although it originates from the upper Parnaiba system in the lower Amazon drainage, it is found in the Rio Para where commercial fish collectors operate.

Telling them apart without locality information is actually quite hard as some C. trilineatus can show the spotted head pattern traditionally associated solely with C. julii, C. julii appears also to have a shorter horizontal mid body stripe not reaching half way along the body.
SexingFemales bigger and fuller bodied.
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DistributionSouth America: Brazil: Rio Parnaiba
Piauí Rivers, Parnaíba (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature23.0-26.0°C or 73.4-78.8°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingWill accept a wide range of commercial foods including tablets, granules and flakes. Live (or frozen) foods such as bloodworm, white worm, grindal worm, Daphnia and tubifex are readily accepted.
FurnitureShade provided by overhanging rock work, arching bogwood, tall or floating plants are all that is required. Ideally substrate should be sand, but rounded gravel is an imperfect alternative. Avoid keeping over rough edged (chipped) gravel, this will increase this risk of damage the fishes barbels when it tries to dig.
CompatibilityA peaceful, shoaling, community fish.
Suggested TankmatesAll Corydoras should be kept in groups of at least 6 of the same species. Otherwise compatible with most other types of fish that are reasonably peaceful, as long as they don't see a Corydoras as a snack.
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ReferencesAnz. Akad. Wiss. Wien1906 - pp480
Registered Keepers(1) lordotterby, (2) cats4me, (3) mikelouth, (4) Cyberbob (k: 7), (5) nettaigyo, (6) Igowoof, (7) cwm, (8) Daragh, (9) einstein-a-go-go, (10) trogdor the fishinator, (11) jollysue (k: 6), (12) bony plates, (13) Smilingpiranha (k: 6), (14) Gopherboy (k: 3), (15) teddyman5, (16) alexmuchtar, (17) spot86t, (18) anitabritt (k: 5), who also notes: "5 wc adults ", (19) loachy_406 (k: 2), who also notes: "The adult is a lot less active and is easily scared.", (20) Birger Amundsen, (21) briztoon (k: 12), (22) San, (23) Plunt, (24) reticulata, (25) launcap (k: 3), (26) fjack88, (27) addictinganimal, (28) Khalid (p: 2), (29) smegforbrains, (30) Wgm (k: 8), (31) AlaskanCorydoras (k: 6), who also notes: "Very pretty looking in my Cory tank. Grow very fast? ", (32) novice, (33) thejudgement (k: 3), (34) andycapdnz, (35) Nitro Cory, (36) gille (k: 6), (37) inkyjenn (k: 4), (38) royaldragoness (k: 2), (39) he that is i (k: 5), (40) Timthedrifter, (41) Bacce, (42) TheSmurfinator, (43) ronalddevries (k: 12), (44) saphphx (k: 7), (45) ayrtoninst (k: 10), (46) harpchad, (47) 2wheelsx2 (k: 3), (48) ocnluv13, (49) fleshgear (k: 2), (50) mummymonkey (k: 50), (51) NC24 (k: 14), (52) percyplec (k: 10), (53) corybreed, (54) andysfishhouse, (55) tetra&catman (p: 2), (56) mandferguson, (57) mike h, (58) Sandtiger (k: 3), (59) AquaristJoel (k: 2), (60) freakkmeister, (61) Mark Roesner, (62) Darren Balch (k: 3), (63) arapaimag (k: 4), (64) JamesStuddart (p: 2, k: 12), (65) KansasGuppyGuy (k: 10), (66) MHS, (67) mace, (68) Elwood (k: 2), (69) jimlaroche83 (k: 2), (70) xakkan (k: 2), (71) jakkals, (72) DGR1980 (k: 4), (73) SuzukaS2k, (74) Anthonyck (k: 4), who also notes: "Added two, 10/9/12", (75) fester 77 (k: 8), (76) pinsonja (k: 3), (77) dvdrew, (78) darr3ll, (79) mg7454 (k: 3), who also notes: "These are Julii C. They are very beautiful, and adorably cute!", (80) MrsJP, (81) Shazray, (82) Brad Pleco Addict (p: 2), (83) adcc (k: 3), (84) rmc (k: 10), (85) Lee Meadows, (86) Kanta, (87) splashski, (88) hoplo (k: 9), (89) Divinehammer, (90) Tamcon83, (91) TKL, (92) Rummage, (93) Dark Rose, (94) thecameraguy, (95) Miss-Pepper (k: 4), (96) corydora fan, (97) Valb68 (k: 6), (98) camtang, (99) CorydoraCat (k: 2), (100) dpm1 (k: 4), who also notes: "An unusual find I bought 4, all I could afford that day. Never saw them again despite many 'Julii' labels which invariably turn out to be Trilineatus. Water poisoning due to aerosol spray (not me!) led to a few fish losses including the Julii which never truely recovered.", (101) evojoey, (102) originalhandy, (103) lynja321, (104) PlecosAndLoaches (k: 6), (105) scandicman (k: 10), (106) sushi1980, (107) zn30, (108) Arron_N, (109) Narwhal72, (110) indeliKate, (111) Sugeknight, (112) Yellowtail, (113) wyetto, (114) Mario, (115) Waldharjaz (k: 2), (116) Ruben Braam (k: 8), (117) kvnbyl, (118) Per Jensen, (119) syorksaquarist (k: 10), who also notes: "Living with Tatia intermedia and share cover under Redmoor and coconut shells", (120) TheNativeAquarist, (121) Sixgun (k: 3), (122) Tocinoyhuevos, (123) manyfishmurphy (k: 2), (124) Apache6467 (k: 5), (125) Peixes, (126) homerno1 (k: 11), (127) Armand (k: 37), (128) Brandonky21 (k: 10), (129) PaperDoves (k: 6), who also notes: "Vigorous, appear very healthy. Appear to be actual Julii, rather than Trilineatus.", (130) Pongsansoy (k: 2), (131) atrop90.

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Breeding Reports(1) scandicman (b: 53), (2) dpm1 (b: 36), (3) Narwhal72 (b: 13), (4) zn30 (b: 11).
Article - CotM 2015 March
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