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Image Common member of the subfamily glyptosterninae
Size Range Smallest 36mm, largest 240mm, average 111mm, most commonly 60mm. All SL.
Species There are 61 species in 10 genera in the database.
Keepers 3 species (4.9%) are being kept by registered keepers.
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1. Exostoma 15 species (15 keepers)
2. Pseudecheneis 13 species (13 keepers)
3. Oreoglanis 11 species (11 keepers)
4. Pareuchiloglanis 9 species (9 keepers)
5. Parachiloglanis 5 species (5 keepers)
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1. Oreoglanis macroptera (50%)
2. Pseudecheneis sympelvica (25%)
3. Pareuchiloglanis cf. longicauda (25%)
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1. Chimarrichthys kishinouyei (i:1, k:0)
2. Exostoma barakense (i:0, k:0)
3. Exostoma berdmorei (i:3, k:0)
4. Exostoma chaudhurii (i:1, k:0)
5. Exostoma effrenum (i:3, k:0)
6. Exostoma ericinum (i:4, k:0)
7. Exostoma gaoligongense (i:3, k:0)
8. Exostoma kottelati (i:0, k:0)
9. Exostoma labiatum (i:0, k:0)
10. Exostoma mangdechhuense (i:4, k:0)
11. Exostoma peregrinator (i:3, k:0)
12. Exostoma sawmteai (i:2, k:0)
13. Exostoma sectile (i:0, k:0)
14. Exostoma stuarti (i:1, k:0)
15. Exostoma tenuicaudatum (i:5, k:0)
16. Exostoma vinciguerrae (i:2, k:0)
17. Glaridoglanis andersonii (i:4, k:0)
18. Glyptosternon oschanini (i:0, k:0)
19. Glyptosternon reticulatum (i:4, k:0)
20. Myersglanis blythii (i:3, k:0)
21. Myersglanis jayarami (i:0, k:0)
22. Oreoglanis colurus (i:3, k:0)
23. Oreoglanis heteropogon (i:3, k:0)
24. Oreoglanis hponkanensis (i:1, k:0)
25. Oreoglanis insignis (i:0, k:0)
26. Oreoglanis laciniosa (i:3, k:0)
27. Oreoglanis macroptera (i:6, k:2)
28. Oreoglanis nakasathiani (i:7, k:0)
29. Oreoglanis sudarai (i:5, k:0)
30. Oreoglanis suraswadii (i:3, k:0)
31. Oreoglanis tenuicauda (i:3, k:0)
32. Oreoglanis vicina (i:3, k:0)
33. Parachiloglanis benjii (i:4, k:0)
34. Parachiloglanis bhutanensis (i:5, k:0)
35. Parachiloglanis dangmechhuensis (i:1, k:0)
36. Parachiloglanis drukyulensis (i:4, k:0)
37. Parachiloglanis hodgarti (i:2, k:0)
38. Pareuchiloglanis anteanalis (i:2, k:0)
39. Pareuchiloglanis arcuata (i:0, k:0)
40. Pareuchiloglanis cf. longicauda (i:6, k:1)
41. Pareuchiloglanis feae (i:1, k:0)
42. Pareuchiloglanis gracilicaudata (i:3, k:0)
43. Pareuchiloglanis longicauda (i:0, k:0)
44. Pareuchiloglanis posteranalis (i:0, k:0)
45. Pareuchiloglanis rhabdura (i:3, k:0)
46. Pareuchiloglanis salicesbarba (i:1, k:0)
47. Pseudecheneis brachyura (i:4, k:0)
48. Pseudecheneis crassicauda (i:1, k:0)
49. Pseudecheneis eddsi (i:10, k:0)
50. Pseudecheneis gracilis (i:0, k:0)
51. Pseudecheneis intermedius (i:3, k:0)
52. Pseudecheneis koladynae (i:4, k:0)
53. Pseudecheneis longipectoralis (i:4, k:0)
54. Pseudecheneis serracula (i:1, k:0)
55. Pseudecheneis sp. (1) (i:5, k:0)
56. Pseudecheneis sp. (2) (i:3, k:0)
57. Pseudecheneis stenura (i:2, k:0)
58. Pseudecheneis sulcata (i:14, k:0)
59. Pseudecheneis sympelvica (i:4, k:1)
60. Pseudexostoma brachysoma (i:1, k:0)
61. Pseudexostoma yunnanense (i:1, k:0)