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CotMThis month's featured species is Mystus carcio. Are you looking for in-depth on a particular species? Then check out the vast CotM Archives.


Need accurate info and images of a particular catfish species? We have 4,153 species, 16,911 images encompassing 44,726 populations in 5,242 registered aquaria. See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers.

Recent activity in the Forum (Feed)

Jan 18, 20:53 Sex my L046 zebra plecos? by Icedcold in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 315 views and 26 replies
Jan 18, 14:02 CatCon 2018 Speakers by TwoTankAmin in Speak Easy. 54 views and 2 replies
Jan 18, 13:35 Ищу программиста для создания несложного сайта by Dianaric in What is my catfish?. 16 views and 0 replies
Jan 18, 11:21 Synodontis polli white by jdevaughn45750 in Wanted (USA & Canada). 490 views and 2 replies
Jan 17, 23:38 Behavior difference between 5 vs 10 Julii Cory schools? by Bas Pels in S.A. Catfishes (Callichthyidae - Corys et al). 84 views and 5 replies
Jan 17, 15:50 What type of pleco is this? It's in the ancistrus family but not one of the common bristlenoses. by Fundulopanchax76 in What is my catfish?. 93 views and 3 replies
Jan 17, 14:40 Pygmy cory vs lava rock and cyclops. by AresGr in S.A. Catfishes (Callichthyidae - Corys et al). 2277 views and 25 replies
Jan 17, 14:34 Pygmaeus flashing by AresGr in S.A. Catfishes (Callichthyidae - Corys et al). 803 views and 10 replies
Jan 17, 09:00 Pseudoplatystoma X Leiarius hybrids on the loose! by lfinley58 in Taxonomy & Science News. 94 views and 2 replies
Jan 17, 07:04 Which part of the world are you from? by topazann in Speak Easy. 204914 views and 671 replies
Jan 17, 04:03 L128 Spawn! by MarcW in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 6786 views and 77 replies
Jan 17, 03:03 Which plecos should I buy? And do L168's breed in captivity? by dw1305 in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 165 views and 12 replies
Jan 17, 00:23 Synodontis Petricola or Lucipinnis by Jcaustralia in African Catfishes. 105 views and 8 replies
Jan 16, 19:30 L010A by SLIMESLAYER10 in Wanted (USA & Canada). 93 views and 5 replies
Jan 16, 19:21 Looking for a L114 by SLIMESLAYER10 in For Sale (USA & Canada). 28 views and 0 replies
Jan 16, 17:49 Species ID Hybrid? by Birger in African Catfishes. 1184 views and 7 replies

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