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1. Cetopsidium ferreirai (i:1, k:0)
2. Cetopsidium minutum (i:3, k:0)
3. Cetopsidium morenoi (i:1, k:0)
4. Cetopsidium orientale (i:1, k:0)
5. Cetopsidium pemon (i:3, k:0)
6. Cetopsidium roae (i:1, k:0)
7. Cetopsidium soniae (i:3, k:0)
8. Cetopsis amphiloxa (i:1, k:0)
9. Cetopsis arcana (i:1, k:0)
10. Cetopsis aspis (i:1, k:0)
11. Cetopsis baudoensis (i:4, k:0)
12. Cetopsis caiapo (i:1, k:0)
13. Cetopsis candiru (i:5, k:1)
14. Cetopsis coecutiens (i:20, k:8)
15. Cetopsis fimbriata (i:2, k:2)
16. Cetopsis gobioides (i:1, k:0)
17. Cetopsis jurubidae (i:1, k:0)
18. Cetopsis montana (i:1, k:0)
19. Cetopsis motatanensis (i:1, k:0)
20. Cetopsis oliveirai (i:2, k:0)
21. Cetopsis orinoco (i:11, k:1)
22. Cetopsis othonops (i:1, k:0)
23. Cetopsis parma (i:2, k:2)
24. Cetopsis pearsoni (i:1, k:0)
25. Cetopsis plumbea (i:2, k:0)
26. Cetopsis sandrae (i:8, k:1)
27. Cetopsis sarcodes (i:1, k:0)
28. Cetopsis sp. (1) (i:7, k:0)
29. Cetopsis starnesi (i:1, k:0)
30. Cetopsis umbrosa (i:2, k:0)
31. Denticetopsis epa (i:1, k:0)
32. Denticetopsis iwokrama (i:2, k:0)
33. Denticetopsis macilenta (i:2, k:0)
34. Denticetopsis praecox (i:4, k:0)
35. Denticetopsis royeroi (i:1, k:0)
36. Denticetopsis sauli (i:2, k:0)
37. Denticetopsis seducta (i:6, k:5)
38. Paracetopsis atahualpa (i:2, k:0)
39. Paracetopsis bleekeri (i:1, k:0)
40. Paracetopsis esmeraldas (i:1, k:0)
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Common member of the subfamily cetopsinae
Size Smallest 18mm, largest 265mm, average 97mm, most commonly 43mm. All SL.
Species There are 40 species in 4 genera in the database
Keepers 7 species (17%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1. Cetopsis (15 keepers)
2. Denticetopsis (5 keepers)
3. Cetopsidium (0 keepers)
4. Paracetopsis (0 keepers)
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1. Cetopsis coecutiens (40%)
2. Denticetopsis seducta (25%)
3. Cetopsis parma (10%)
4. Cetopsis fimbriata (10%)
5. Cetopsis sandrae (5%)
6. Cetopsis orinoco (5%)
7. Cetopsis candiru (5%)