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1.Amphilius atesuensis(i:3, k:0)
2.Amphilius athiensis(i:0, k:0)
3.Amphilius baudoni(i:2, k:0)
4.Amphilius brevis(i:3, k:0)
5.Amphilius chalei(i:1, k:0)
6.Amphilius crassus(i:0, k:0)
7.Amphilius frieli(i:0, k:0)
8.Amphilius grandis(i:3, k:0)
9.Amphilius jacksonii(i:3, k:0)
10.Amphilius kivuensis(i:2, k:0)
11.Amphilius krefftii(i:3, k:0)
12.Amphilius laticaudatus(i:0, k:0)
13.Amphilius lentiginosus(i:1, k:0)
14.Amphilius longirostris(i:3, k:0)
15.Amphilius lujani(i:0, k:0)
16.Amphilius maesii(i:3, k:0)
17.Amphilius natalensis(i:3, k:0)
18.Amphilius opisthophthalmus(i:3, k:0)
19.Amphilius pedunculus(i:0, k:0)
20.Amphilius platychir(i:15, k:0)
21.Amphilius pulcher(i:1, k:0)
22.Amphilius rheophilus(i:1, k:0)
23.Amphilius ruziziensis(i:0, k:0)
24.Amphilius sp. (1)(i:2, k:0)
25.Amphilius sp. (2)(i:2, k:0)
26.Amphilius uranoscopus(i:5, k:0)
27.Paramphilius baudoni(i:0, k:0)
28.Paramphilius firestonei(i:0, k:0)
29.Paramphilius teugelsi(i:0, k:0)
30.Paramphilius trichomycteroides(i:0, k:0)
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Common member of the subfamily amphiliinae
SizeSmallest 51mm, largest 195mm, average 100mm, most commonly 70mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 30 species in 2 genera in the database
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1.Amphilius (0 keepers)
2.Paramphilius (0 keepers)
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