L075 L239 L135 L27 L106 L264

Items for sale in Australia.
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L075 L239 L135 L27 L106 L264

Post by Loc »

Sold thanks buyer
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Re: L177 Gold nugget plecos fish VGC aquariums super rare

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Your images aren't working.
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Re: L177 Gold nugget plecos fish VGC aquariums super rare

Post by bekateen »

These should work now:
Loc wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:18 pm

The first image can be found on Flikr:

The second image can be found on fishforever.co.uk:

@Loc, I think that potential buyers might be hesitant to buy your fish since the photos are from the internet. Your advertisement would be much more persuasive if you showed photos of your actual fish, instead of photos from the internet (unless you took and own the photos displayed above, in which case you might just say something like "photos of parents" or "photos of actual fish").

Cheers, Eric
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Re: L177 Gold nugget plecos fish VGC aquariums super rare

Post by nvcichlids »

and for being a super rare pleco over there, i know when I am in NZ and buying my plecos, i am not going to buy based off internet pictures. To shell out the money on something that isn't common and expensive and not see it first is not a great idea.
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