Synodontis Lucipinis

Incorrect ID? New info to be added, taxonomic revisions and any kind of changes to the data we currently hold in here please!
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Synodontis Lucipinis

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I noticed that the info for breeding of S.Lucipinnis on its page was vauge and uncertain. Having recently purchased a group of these beautiful catfish from Greg Sage, of Select Auquatics I came here in search of more information. I thought I'd pass on a couple links to educational videos he has made on S.Lucipinis breeding. Hope these can help you clear up the breeding comments on on it's page.

First link is just general info. Links 2 and 3 are actual directions for setting up to breed Synodontis Lucipinnis without the use of chemicals. ...

p.s. Love the site, will donate soon as quality sites such as this are rare.
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