L350 maximum size

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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L350 maximum size

Post by HaakonH »

Hi all,

I just got hold of what I consider to be a bit of a holy grail; a group of 8 L350.

In the original article in DATZ magazine, Werner says specimens of up to 40 cm have been on offer. This has since been cited in every source I have been able to track down.

In the scientific description by Lujan, 2 specimens were included where the biggest one was 13 cm or so.

In captivity, specimens of 15-20 cm is the norm. This also goes for the 8 I have now received.

Given the rarity of this species, it's hard to find material to compare, but I still have doubts this species actually grows to 40 cm. So my question is, is there any evidence out there? Have you seen or heard of L350s growing to 40 cm? Or has it perhaps been confused with the sympatric L090 when the original information was published?

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Re: L350 maximum size

Post by Acanthicus »

He Haakon

The biggest specimen I have seen so far is the one pictured in the "Bede Atlas L 1 - L 400", can't recall how big it looks, I don't have the book here. But I know you have it, so you might wanna check.

40 cm seems too much I agree. They seem to be mature with 15-20 cm.
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Re: L350 maximum size

Post by Jools »

It'd say about 30cm maybe a little less seems about right. The one in Bede, assuming 4mm gravel, is about 22-25cm with a 48mm pectoral-fin ray (roughly). Interestingly, the Japanese "catfishes of the world" book lists it as 30cm which, it could be assumed, didn't have access to the DATZ article when that book was published.

Good point to bring up, I've shaved 10cm off the SL herein.

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