Id this Rhinodoras

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Id this Rhinodoras

Post by Iamfish »

I am considering buying this catfish but wanted to know if the Id is correct, is ... dorbignyi/ this ... es_id=2563?
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Re: Id this Rhinodoras

Post by naturalart »

Sure looks like it. The lateral and dorsal processes are very similar. Don't know if you have any other pics of the cat you want to purchase but the one you are showing definitely looks malnourished, just saying.

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Re: Id this Rhinodoras

Post by Jools »

Genus is right, for sure. Not 100% on the species ID - but all species in the genus are quite similar in terms of cosmetic appeal. Rhinodoras boehlkei is another possibility.



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