Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

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Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

Post by Picotopes »

The title says it all, what would be the minimum size of tank for ab Elongate moth cat, and could I keep them alone, or do they like groups?
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Re: Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

Post by Shovelnose »

The minimum size I would recommend for a small group is 24*12*12 (inches). Fish like Dario spp., Badis spp., Lepidocephalichthys spp., Rasboroides spp. etc all make good tankmates.

That said, a bunch of Pseudolaguvia were exported under the label 'Elongate Moth Catfish' recently. There is a chance you could end up with either a Hara sp. or a Pseudolaguvia sp., more likely the latter.

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Re: Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

Post by Bas Pels »

The fishes Shovelnose mentioned are all small. Very small, and therefore it is fitting to keep them in a very small tank.

If I'm informed correctly, in Germany it is forbidden to keep fish in a smaller tank, and I think they are right. As far as I know, Germany is the only country to heve regulated this.

The fish might accept a smaller tank, but the smaller the tank, the harder it is to keep it stable. Keeping a tank this size stable for a few years with only maintenance (that is, not making it dry) is quite a challence.
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Re: Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

Post by Shane »

I kept several for years in a 20 gallon long and they did very well. They are not a very active fish, so do not need a lot of open swimming space. Mine gravitated towards the planted areas of the tank and appreciated a bit of current.
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Re: Minimum tank size for Erethistes (Hara) horai

Post by medaka »

I too kept these in a 20 gallon (imperial) for some time. Like Shane says they are not very active; unless it is feeding time, and they do like some areas to disappear into and they do, do better with a good current in the water.

I think that some sources that show a photo of a Pseudolaguvia species, maybe Pseudolaguvia ribeiroi do so because some years ago Fish Base erroneously used such a photo against Erethistes (Hara) horai, and people 'used' that photo in publications and on social media, etc.

Sadly I haven't seen any nice specimens of these in my area for many, many, years :(
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