Mystery Fish

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Mystery Fish

Post by badmammabear », attached is a picture of Melvin. He lays on his side a lot, or props himself up against a log, resting on his fins. We know we must have bought him, but can't remember when. Or WHAT he is. He likes to pretend he is dying... he isn't. None of our other fish are sick, no signs of ick or bloat. Thanks for helping me figure out what type of fish he is!
Melvin 2
Melvin 2
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Re: Mystery Fish

Post by Dave Rinaldo »

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Re: Mystery Fish

Post by bekateen »

Hi badmammabear,

That fish is a suncat, Horabagrus brachysoma.

It does look horribly unwell, but as you say, maybe this individual just likes to rest in unsettling positions.

Good luck with it.

Cheers, Eric
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Viktor Jarikov
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Re: Mystery Fish

Post by Viktor Jarikov »

Interesting case. This is not how suncats are supposed to behave. If you will, provide more pics to check it out better and/or tell us more. Does it feed? If it has appetite, that means it is not doing too badly.
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