Different species in one aquarium

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Different species in one aquarium

Post by Ashley_1988 »


A LFS of mine have recently got some young Ancistrus Rio Paraguay. I have saw these before via certain groups etc and find them really interesting.

My question is, are there any disadvantages to purchasing one of these, when I already have two, mature male Claro in my tank?

Is one more aggressive than the other?

If the Rio Paraguay turns out to be female, could they interbreed? If so, are there potential risks to hybridisation?

Ancistrus Claro and Corydoras Pygmaeus
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Re: Different species in one aquarium

Post by bekateen »

Hi @Ashley_1988,

I don't know how closely related Ancistrus claro and Ancistrus sp`Rio_Paraguay` are, but I would be concerned about the possibility of cross- breeding. Is there a reason why you want to buy only one? (How many does the store have?).

Cheers, Eric
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