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Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded October 21, 2007.

The following is actual correspondence entered into by Planet Catfish volunteers, as you will read alarming events are afoot but, as you would expect, we have seen them coming and you should too.

Dear Planet Catfish,

It is clear from the reading of Nostradamus that the world will end when L666 is pictured in a source called DATZ. What L number are we up to now?

United States of America
4th July 2000

Dear Concerned,

Between 1988 and 1995 there were 210 "'L-Numbers" (dare we call them what they are... heLL Numbers) introduced. This is an average of 26.25 per year. This means the world will end 25.37 years after the introduction of L 1. If my math is correct the world will end in March or April of 2013, so the end is nigh. However, I could be off a few weeks since Nostradamus' prediction only stipulates this will occur under the sign of Taurus (see below).

"And from the land where the people have wagons (Volks = people, wagon= car thus he refers to Volkswagon, a clear indication of Germany) will come a mighty beast. This monster will have a great mouth and hard armor (an obvious reference to Loricariidae) and the number of the beast shall be 666 (it is not difficult to understand he means L666). The sign of impending doom shall steam from under the hindquarters of the bull (meaning it will occur when Taurus is descending in March / April)."

Jools and Shane have been tracking this for sometime. The "count down clock" is actually at Planet Catfish where we call it "L's Belles". Look under the Catfishology (no coincidence) section at Shane's World. My compliments on your finely attuned sense of logic,
8th July 2000

Dear Planet Catfish,

I recently did a little math and I have figured out the time the world will end down to the minute. The world shall end on May 10th, 2013 at 1:42 PM German time. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Eric Maxwell
May 2002

Dear Planet Catfish,

Very interesting info regarding Nostradamus and the "'L Numbers"'. Well here's some seemingly unrelated data that I fished up from JPL-NASA that actually tie into your thread with amazing accuracy: Asteroid 2003 LY45 (1.5 km in diameter) will have some close fly-bys with the Earth over the next several decades. One of the closest approaches will be within 6931 miles of us (Portland, Oregon to Jerusalem, Israel = 6934 miles). This event occurs on the 29th of March 2013. Mysticism and the Universe are not without their sense of irony.

June 2002

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