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Greetings and welcome to Shane's World. The goal of this resource is to provide a place where the aquarist and scientist alike can learn and exchange information on Siluriformes (catfishes). When Planet's owner Jools and I discussed this at length (in the mid 1990's), Shane's World was born! Here we have articles from me and a great number of other folks from right across the catfish world. They are roughly grouped into general catfish articles ('Catfishology'), those relating to Geography, Reproduction and Species categories as you see below. Dive in!

Latest Catfishology Articles, alternatively, show all 45 or popular articles.

General articles from authors who just want to write about catfish in the aquarium and the wild. The 'Catfish Basics' series is especially useful for the aquarist new to the catfish hobby. Most recently added articles:

Index of Catfish Study Group Journals by Julian Dignall (uploaded February 26, 2018)
The Catfish Study Group has been publishing its Journal since the start of the millennium. This is an index of all articles in which there can be found many hidden gems.

List of original C-numbers by Julian Dignall (uploaded June 21, 2015)
A list of links to PDF format documents of all C-numbers as hosted on the DATZ magazine website.

List of original l-numbers by Julian Dignall (uploaded May 16, 2014)
A list of links to PDF format documents of all L-numbers as hosted on the DATZ magazine website.

Corydoras 101 by Julian Dignall (uploaded April 09, 2013)
Some common <em>Corydoras</em> to consider as good starter species for anyone interested in starting out with these evergreen, omnipresent and hugely popular catfish.

L's Belles - Loricariid Analysis by Mats Petersson (uploaded July 15, 2010)
Graphical analysis of the introduction rate of l-number plecos from inception to mid 2010.

Feeding Plecos
Pt 2 • Who eats what? by Mats Petersson (uploaded January 29, 2010)
Overview of techniques used in observing what your pleco eats and information on the diets of various groups.

Latest Reproduction Articles, alternatively, show all 75 or popular articles.

Articles on the reproduction of individual species with details from the aquarists that have kept them. Most recently added articles:

Wild caught or captive bred? by Eric Thomas (uploaded October 14, 2018)
The author provides advice for buying new fish you plan to breed and examines how to manage your spawns.

Spawning Erethistes jerdoni by Adrian Taylor (uploaded October 27, 2016)
Keeping small fishes can be hard, spawning them and raising the fry is no mean feat.

Breeding the banjo catfish, Bunocephalus coracoideus by Eric Thomas (uploaded June 15, 2016)
Aquarium spawning of this species is not documented in the modern era. Now it is.

Breeding Chaca by Klaus Dreymann (uploaded February 13, 2016)
A full spawning account including raising the fry and thoughts on behaviour of the adults of this highly unusual species.

Breeding the Porthole Catfish by Torill Nordeide Berge (uploaded January 19, 2015)
A rare account of the repeated spawning of this medium sized armoured catfish.

Can Ancistrus hybridise? by Sandor Tüllmann (uploaded May 14, 2014)
The topic of potential hybridization within the genus Ancistrus is frequently and hotly debated on the internet, but only rarely seriously discussed. The author sets out to settle the debate once and for all.

Latest Geography Articles, alternatively, show all 40 or popular articles.

A collection of articles by various authors on the catfish of different regions of the world. Features Shane's Venezuela Diary. Most recently added articles:

In Search of Corydoras boesemani by Ingo Seidel (uploaded June 28, 2010)
A first trip to unfamiliar Surinam provides the author with the opportunity to document the habitat and aquarium care and breeding of this pretty species.

In search of Corydoras carlae by Hans-Georg Evers (uploaded April 02, 2010)
Collecting trips to Argentina are uncommon at least in relation to several other South American countries. This article details the search by a multinational group of aquarists for an even more uncommon Cory.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 2 • Uganda's Papyrus Swamps by Shane Linder (uploaded January 25, 2010)
In which our intrepid correspondent checks out this new, and quintessentially African, central African biotope.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 1 • Lake Nabugabo by Shane Linder (uploaded September 28, 2009)
An initial foray into Ugandan waters turns up a familiar face.

My First Collecting Trip by Amanda Parker (uploaded December 28, 2008)
A personal account of a first time at the riverbank.

Exploring West Bengal for aquarium fishes by Antti Vuorela (uploaded April 14, 2007)
India is a remarkable country, equally remarkable are its aquarium fishes. Specifically catfishes are detailed by our intrepid correspondents in this report from but a corner of this vast country.

Latest Species Articles, alternatively, show all 25 or popular articles.

Articles on individual and groups of species with notes from the aquarists that have kept them. Most recently added articles:

An English translation of the description of Corydoras julii by Daniel Konn-Vetterlein (uploaded September 03, 2020)
Corydoras julii is one of the most commonly misused names in the catfish realm. This translation provides a short description translated from the original German to English.

The L236 Story
Pt 3 • The successful raising of L236 by Ernst Schmidt (uploaded July 30, 2013)
In which the author describes raising the youngsters of this pretty l-number.

The L236 Story
Pt 2 • First captive spawning by Robert Budrovcan (uploaded July 23, 2013)
Translated from the original German article which explains how the first breeding success took place and how the fishes become white.

The Pleco Egg Collectors of Florida by Ingo Seidel (uploaded April 09, 2013)
An interesting account of the collection and cultivation of <em>Pterygoplichthys</em> within the fish trade from exotic wild populations in the American state of Florida.

Partial translation of Kner's "Die Hypostomiden. Zweite Hauptgruppe der Familie der Panzerfische" by Sandor Tüllmann (uploaded June 10, 2012)
This translation from the original 1854 German text by Prof. Dr. R. Kner focusses on the descriptions of three species of flounder pleco from Brazil's Rio Negro.

Visually comparing Synodontis petricola & S. lucipinnis by Birger Kamprath (uploaded September 19, 2009)
An in-depth look at telling this two species apart using only techniques applicable to live fish.

The Siluriformes are a large and diverse group of fishes consisting of well over 30 families and 2,500 species. They can be found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Their habitats range from the frozen rivers of Siberia to the steamy swamps of Borneo. Species have been found in the Himalayas and Andes at altitudes of over 14,000 feet, while others live in the oceans among the coral reefs. Catfishes range in size from some of the smallest known fishes to the largest. Scoloplax dicra is fully-grown at 1/2 inch while the European wels (Silurus glanis) grows to 16 feet and can weigh 650lbs. These amazing fishes reproduce in about every way we know fishes reproduce. Among the Siluriformes we find mouthbrooders, livebearers (of a sort), bubblenest builders, egg scatterers, cuckoo spawners, nest builders, fish that carry their eggs attached to their mouth, and even catfishes that feed their fry with a body slime.

With so many species coming from such diverse locations and habitats, it is no wonder that finding good solid information about a certain catfish can be tricky. The articles beyond this page come from myself and others with an interest in these fascinating fishes. Among the authors are well known aquarists and scientists, but I want to stress that it is not necessary to be an expert or have a Ph.D. to contribute to the world's collective knowledge on catfishes. If you believe you have something to contribute to this section of this site please drop me a line.

Shane Linder