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Baryancistrus sp. (L142)
Species: Baryancistrus sp. (L142)
Caption: Close-up of males pectoral fin ray
Rineloricaria sp. (7)
Species: Rineloricaria sp. (7)
Caption: Dorsal view of males
Sturisoma aff. festivum
Species: Sturisoma aff. festivum
Caption: Dorsal view of males
Peckoltia sp. `RIO NEGRO II`
Species: Peckoltia sp. `RIO NEGRO II`
Caption: Dorsal view, sexing (left, females; right, male)
Farlowella vittata
Species: Farlowella vittata
Caption: Eggs from 2 females laid over 3 nights
Ancistomus sp. (L147)
Species: Ancistomus sp. (L147)
Caption: Females cheek odontodes
Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus
Species: Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus
Caption: Males
Corydoras(ln8sc4) sp. (C141)
Species: Corydoras(ln8sc4) sp. (C141)
Caption: Males (center) in breeding color