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1Shane's World Reproduction Successful spawning of the wonderful WanderWels, Clarias batrachusJan 01, 200225807 hits
2Shane's World Reproduction Triggering reproduction with the Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus)Sep 29, 200725259 hits
3Shane's World Species Calophysus macropterus, A "shark" in the freshwater aquariumJun 05, 200819957 hits
4Shane's World Species A voracious ambush-predator not without charmJul 07, 200716643 hits
5CotM 2011 MayMay 02, 201111599 hits
6Shane's World Species Pimelodus ornatus: A piece of jewellery in the aquariumAug 22, 200911060 hits
7Shane's World Species The Oremon Catfish, Cephalosilurus fowleriOct 06, 200810938 hits
8Shane's World Catfishology On Cephalosilurus nigricaudus and C. apurensisJul 26, 20086870 hits
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