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A collection of articles by various authors on the catfish of different regions of the world. Features Shane's Venezuela Diary. There are 40 Geography articles, listed by date written. Alternatively, list by popular articles.

Brazilian Parotocinclus by Hans-Georg Evers
A large article on certain representatives of this small suckermouth genus. Also includes discussion of a few other loricariids.

Catfish Spelunking in Mexico by Shane Linder
Spelunking is the pursuit of exploration of caves, pot-holes and, in this case, Mexican cenotes with their own peculiar catfish in residence.

Catfishes From The Rift Lakes Of Africa by Shane Linder
List of the various catfishes known to exist in these huge lakes.

Collecting Noturus by Shane Linder
Similar to the ''Collecting Ictalurids'' article, but with specific habitat information for this North American native.

Exploring West Bengal for aquarium fishes by Antti Vuorela
India is a remarkable country, equally remarkable are its aquarium fishes. Specifically catfishes are detailed by our intrepid correspondents in this report from but a corner of this vast country.

In Search of Corydoras boesemani by Ingo Seidel
A first trip to unfamiliar Surinam provides the author with the opportunity to document the habitat and aquarium care and breeding of this pretty species.

In search of Corydoras carlae by Hans-Georg Evers
Collecting trips to Argentina are uncommon at least in relation to several other South American countries. This article details the search by a multinational group of aquarists for an even more uncommon Cory.

Indian Subcontinent Catfish Bibliography by Shane Linder
Brief notes on a selection of books and papers containing more information on these fish.

My First Collecting Trip by Amanda Parker
A personal account of a first time at the riverbank.

The Catfishes of Asia Series
Pt 1 • Family Bagridae by Shane Linder
A five page article introducing the various families from this geographic region with emphasis on the taxonomy of the fishes involved.

Pt 2 • Family Bagridae (contd.) by Shane Linder

Pt 3 • Family Bagridae (contd.) by Shane Linder

Pt 4 • Family Chacidae by Shane Linder

Pt 5 • Exotic Imports by Shane Linder

The Peru 2000 Series
Pt 1 • Overview by Julian Dignall

Pt 2 • Fish List by Julian Dignall
A pictorial account of our webmasters first visit to South America. Plenty of catfish and much more besides.

Pt 3 • Jools' Pictures by Julian Dignall

Pt 4 • Robin's Pictures by Robin Warne

The Venezuelan Diary Series
Pt 1 • Beginnings by Shane Linder
Everything has to start somewhere.

Pt 2 • Around the Rio Guaire by Shane Linder
First encounter with Corydoras and more besides.

Pt 3 • Return to the Rio Zuata by Shane Linder
Where our intrepid host encounters some Loricariids and enlists the help of some locals in their capture.

Pt 4 • Cano Canoa by Shane Linder
In which more catfish captures are made at a different location in Northern Venezuela.

Pt 5 • Rio Guarico by Shane Linder
More catfish collections and thoughts on a river biotope set-up.

Pt 6 • Rio Zuata and Giant Chaetostoma by Shane Linder
A surprise awaits in this diary entry - the collection of a giant Chaetostoma - this prompts thoughts on a biotope aquarium for it.

Pt 7 • Fishing for Hypostomus by Shane Linder
A fascinating account of how locals fish for Hypostomus catfish burrowed in river bank walls.

Pt 8 • Rio Tarma by Shane Linder
More catfish catches including an encounter with a broody bristlenose.

Pt 9 • L106, L122 and other adventures by Shane Linder

Pt 10 • Notes on some Venezuelan fishes by Shane Linder
A chance encounter with another Aquarist brings some interesting information to light.

Pt 11 • Casa Maria by Shane Linder
Where Shane finds 'paradise' in a surprising location.

Pt 12 • Rio Guarico in the Dry Season by Shane Linder
Large whiptails abound as Shane enlists the help of some locals in catfish collection.

Pt 13 • Rio Santo Domingo / Rio Tinaco :: Pt I by Shane Linder
More collecting turns up some Corydoras, which prompts a discussion on wild fish colouration.

Pt 14 • Rio Santo Domingo / Rio Tinaco :: Pt II by Shane Linder
Great Pleco collecting is the order of the day in the second instalment of this article.

Pt 15 • The hunt for Farlowella acus by Shane Linder
An excellent account of this locate and collect mission to document the habitat of this commonly misidentified catfish.

Pt 16 • Rios Tuy and Guare by Shane Linder

Pt 17 • Rio Guapo and Cano Mendoza by Shane Linder
Shane takes a new recruit in search of fish (namely Piranha or Caribe as they are known locally) and gets a local lesson in biological filtration.

Pt 18 • The Flooded Llanos by Shane Linder
Some fascinating notes on this seasonal habitat and some somber ones on Sept. 11th.

Pt 19 • The Rios Aragua and Tuy by Shane Linder
Collecting these locations turns up more Chaetostoma and leads the author to further ID successes.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 1 • Lake Nabugabo by Shane Linder
An initial foray into Ugandan waters turns up a familiar face.

Pt 2 • Uganda's Papyrus Swamps by Shane Linder
In which our intrepid correspondent checks out this new, and quintessentially African, central African biotope.

Wild Caught Ictalurids by Shane Linder
Insight into a collecting trip (October 1998) for native fishes in South East Virginia, USA. This has been updated with more information from another trip (July 1999) to the same locality.