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A collection of articles by various authors on the catfish of different regions of the world. Features Shane's Venezuela Diary. Most popular articles:

Brazilian Parotocinclus by Hans-Georg Evers (26309 hits)
A large article on certain representatives of this small suckermouth genus. Also includes discussion of a few other loricariids.

Exploring West Bengal for aquarium fishes by Antti Vuorela (18574 hits)
India is a remarkable country, equally remarkable are its aquarium fishes. Specifically catfishes are detailed by our intrepid correspondents in this report from but a corner of this vast country.

Catfishes From The Rift Lakes Of Africa by Shane Linder (13716 hits)
List of the various catfishes known to exist in these huge lakes.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 2 • Uganda's Papyrus Swamps by Shane Linder (13418 hits)
In which our intrepid correspondent checks out this new, and quintessentially African, central African biotope.

The Peru 2000 Series
Pt 3 • Jools' Pictures by Julian Dignall (11865 hits)

The Peru 2000 Series
Pt 2 • Fish List by Julian Dignall (11552 hits)
A pictorial account of our webmasters first visit to South America. Plenty of catfish and much more besides.