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Articles on individual and groups of species with notes from the aquarists that have kept them. Most popular articles:

Ancistrus 101
Pt 1 • The Basics by Shane Linder (37216 hits)
The lowdown on Ancistrus covering most of the common questions regarding these excellent community plecos.

Visually comparing Synodontis petricola & S. lucipinnis by Birger Kamprath (35372 hits)
An in-depth look at telling this two species apart using only techniques applicable to live fish.

Ancistrus 101
Pt 2 • Spawning Techniques and Fry Rearing by Shane Linder (29045 hits)
Once you've keeping them hale and hearty, this article takes you to the next level - how to become a pleco breeder.

L014: The Sunshine Pleco from the Rio Xingu by Shane Linder (23692 hits)
The low down on one of THE species responsible for 'L' number pleco popularity.

Calophysus macropterus, A "shark" in the freshwater aquarium by Wolfgang Ros (20933 hits)
Co-written with Jakob Schmidt, the authors enthusiastically report on this striking predatory catfish that might just be within the limits of some aquarists tanks.

A voracious ambush-predator not without charm by Wolfgang Ros (17878 hits)
The husbandry of one of the more unusual big cats, Cephalosilurus apurensis is discussed in detail.