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General articles from authors who just want to write about catfish in the aquarium and the wild. The 'Catfish Basics' series is especially useful for the aquarist new to the catfish hobby. Most popular articles:

Feeding Plecos
Pt 1 • Types of food by Mats Petersson (140978 hits)
The first part of this two part article deals with food preparation and what types of food can be offered.

The yellow seamed “Golden Nugget” – a problem pleco? by Ingo Seidel (73388 hits)
An in-depth on this group of l-numbered plecos that provides solid information for those wishing to keep them correctly.

In Search of the World's Largest Catfish by Shane Linder (68077 hits)
As many heated debates in the forums will testify, there are many catfish species out there that grow well beyond our ambitions to keep them in captivity. Shane goes in search of the biggest of them all.

The Catfish Basics Series
Pt 2 • Feeding Your Catfish by Chris Ralph (55177 hits)
So, you've got some catfish swimming around in your aquarium. What should you feed them? The same as the other fish? Do all catfish have the same dietary requirements? Of course not! Read on.

Just Say Pleco by Shane Linder (54231 hits)
An introductory look a why we call these fish 'Plecos' and other associated nuggets of knowledge.

Otocinclus - ''Little Monkeys'' in the planted aquarium by D & R Lalkaka (46751 hits)
Originally written for publication in a 'planted aquaria' magazine, this article deals with the taxonomy of these and related species along with some very help advice on acclimatization to the planted tank.